About Ben Sites

10914872_407790492728547_1034187360448065048_o Hello, my name is Benjamin Sites, I am a Sergeant in the Franklin County Sheriff Office. I decided to run for Sheriff because I am a pivotal leader in the Sheriff Office, and have the training, education, knowledge, and experience needed to grow the office and make it more efficient in serving the Franklin County Community.

I was born and raised in Franklin County where I continue to raise my family, work, and worship. When I look at my little girl, my hopes for her, I’m sure are very much like the hopes you have for your family, a safe place to live.

Law enforcement is my chosen profession. Being Sheriff would not be a retirement hobby for me.  As I said before, I have a vested interest in this community. As a law enforcement officer, I have dedicated my career to professional excellence in law enforcement. I will continue to work tirelessly to reach out to every county school district, and help them enhance the security and safety for our kids, and their employees. One way I would do this, is to spread the word about new security applications and programs like School Guard 911, and Hero 911. These are applications that allow school districts to run a safer and more secure school in the event of a tragic event.

The office of Sheriff in Pennsylvania is different from other police agencies, or other Sheriff departments in other states. Pennsylvania Sheriffs must stay competent in, and dynamically address ever changing laws. I have the knowledge, experience, and understanding of the departments to successfully  address, those changing laws.

My proven ability within the department will enable me to maximize the effectiveness of my staff. I have successfully filled several roles within the department, this means that I know first hand the duties of the department. This is a valuable management tool to ensure that the department continues to work smoothly and efficiently, and to personally realize the requirements from each member of our team.

The Sheriff must be able to do all of this, yet still listen to, and grow with the community, which he is sworn to serve. In my oath as a deputy, I swore to uphold the constitution of our great nation. In this constitution, as you know, the bill of rights guarantees liberties, within the rule of law, for every citizen!

As Sheriff of Franklin County, I will continue to enthusiastically serve the department, as well as lead it to further success in achieving an unsurpassed level of service. As Sheriff, my duties will certainly continue to include working in the field, writing grants, managing a budget, and looking for ways to save taxpayers money.

With your support, I will strive to make Franklin County a safer place to work and live. I will actively support the inalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, these words wonderfully stated in the Declaration of Independance. My goal in becoming Sheriff, is to further serve this community. I want to keep our deputies and other brothers in arms safe as we tread the thin blue line, day after day, shift after shift. Our most important task, call, or assignment for any day of the year is to come home safe.

Local headlines are often of wrongdoing, and the resulting tragedy it brings. As Sheriff I will continue to work with other local law enforcement agencies.Moving forward, this interagency teamwork will assure we are better prepared to address this wrongdoing, and lessen the tragic effects of crime.

The people of this county expect a Sheriff with drive, experience, education, and proven ability to lead.

I look forward to interacting with the public, and educating them on the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office. I also am excited to tell the voters of Franklin County who I am as a law enforcement officer, leader, and person.

Thank you for your support,

Benjamin Sites



Qualifications and Certifications 

B.A From Shippensburg University

Red Cross Emergency First Responder Training (2011)

Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency Instructor Development

Program Certification (2012)

Pennsylvania Deputy Sheriff Academy Firearms Instructor Training (2012)

LifeLine Training, Inc., Ultimate Survival Instincts Certification (2012)

DEA Basic Narcotics Investigator Training (2012)

Public Agency Training Council Court Security (2012)

Center for Domestic Preparedness CBRNE Standardized Awareness (2012)

New Mexico Tech Incident Response to Terrorist Bombings Awareness (2012)

Harrisburg Area Community College Law Enforcement Strike Team Training


TASER Training Academy TASER Electronic Control Device Certified (2012)

Western Regional Training Academy Nova RACC Belt Certification (2012)

Pennsylvania State Police Ground Defense 1 Certificate of Completion (2012)

South Central Regional Task Force PAPR’s Awareness Course (2012)

Pennsylvania State Police Vehicle Stop Tactics (2013)

Northeast Counterdrug Training Center Identifying Deceptive Behavior (2013)

Institute for Law Enforcement Education SFST Practitioner (2013)

The Pennsylvania Deputy Sheriff Academy Patrol Rifle Instructor (2013)

Pennsylvania State Police Building Search Techniques (2014)

NHTSA Advanced Roadside Impaired Driving Enforcement Seminar (2014)

Pennsylvania State Police Concealed Carry For the Plainclothes Officer (2014)

Certified Glock Armorer (2014) Exp:05/15/2017

Pennsylvania State Police Hostage Officer Survival (2014)

Temple University Train the Trainer Court Security (2014)

Pennsylvania State Police Current Drug Trends (2014)

FEMA IS-100.LEb / IS-200.b / IS-700.a / IS-800.b

STACA The Law Enforcement Report Writing Workshop (2014)

Medical Tactics for Law Enforcement Provider (2014)