This letter is in support of Ben Sites as Republican candidate for Franklin County Sheriff.

I have lived in Franklin County with my wife Shirley for over 70 years. A few years ago I had interaction with Ben Sites in his role as a Deputy Sheriff. Ben was not only understanding and empathetic, he gave my family and me the respect and attention beyond what is expected of a law enforcement officer. Ben not only helped us during this hard time in our lives, he continued to stay in touch, and made sure all was going well. From this experience, there is no doubt in my, or my family’s minds, that Ben is committed to his family, friends, community, and career. He is the best candidate for Franklin County Sheriff.

Ross Walker

When I heard that Benjamin Sites was running for Franklin County Sheriff, it not only thrilled me, it did not surprise me either.

I have had the privilage of knowing Ben for over 8 years. Ben has been my hunting and fishing partner for the entirety of those 8 years. I consider him a brother, and his family a close to me as my own.

Over the past few years I have witnessed his passion and dedication to his job at the Sheriff’s office, and to protecting the community. I look forward to hearing the stories of capturing bad guys, and how he is constantly trying to make the community safer. I also love that he puts time into making the kids in our schools more aware  with his outreach efforts.

I know Ben Sites would be an empathetic, energized, and competant Sheriff. So please, vote May 19th, 2015 and help put a man into office that will grow with the community, and protect our constitutional rights.

Joseph Amsler